Our temporary premises at Union Street have been received well.  The most apparent highlight is the reaction to our community centre named Haeata (new dawn/beginning).  In providing a nicer environment our clients are happier and are even in some instances dressing a little smarter.  We are now able to provide highly nutritious meals and through the provision of good food we sense a calmer disposition from our people.  Also, our professional team is delighted to be able to offer a safe space to enter the Mission, via a reception suited to servicing the Calder Centre & Crisis Care.  Now we can quickly attend to those in a moment of crisis to offer them therapeutic assistance, away from the busyness and often unpredictable drop in space of previous times.    Two of our staff have recently been on sabbatical – Dr Richard Davies won a Winston Churchill Fellowship to visit facilities caring for the homeless and vulnerable in the UK.  He is working with a broader team to define a new model of care.  Ilana, one of our Homeless Outreach Workers, spent time in the US and UK.  Both say that the absolute necessity is to establish a trauma-informed care approach in all that we do, not really new to them, but reassuring that we are taking the right approach.  From a demolition perspective – the site has been cleared of the old buildings, except for the 1850’s hotel, which will remain due to heritage restrictions.