You are welcome
The Rotary Club of Auckland welcomes new members and visitors.
One of the best ways to get to know us and find out if our Club is for you is to come to one of our meetings or events.
We meet most Mondays either in person or on Zoom.  For details of our next meeting click here or email us on 
There is no need to book in advance, however it is always nice to know we have a guest so please email our Club Secretary if you are able to.
Some of our meetings (such as the one pictured) take place in different locations such as a golf course, on a boat or at a yacht club - just to keep things interesting!
To join
Joining the Club is easy.
We request that you complete an application form, which will be reviewed by the Board on completion. We will then advise you if your membership has been approved. If so, we will organise for you to be inducted into the Club.