The following article was published in our Club’s 25th Anniversary publication regarding the history of our Club’s Sunshine fundraising programme:
Our Sunshine Fund was started by ‘Blow’ with the main idea of bringing sunshine into the lives of children.  Our members have been so generous that through the years, it has been our privilege to assist a great many worthy organisations which are doing such splendid charitable work in the City.  The editor is certain that his fellow-members would not consider it fitting to list the various associations we are helping regularly or indicate the extent of our giving.
The Sunshine Fund has three sources of revenue:
  • The Sergeant-at-Arms collects from members weekly with the Sunshine Box
  • Each member donates £1 to the Sunshine Box on his birthday
  • Fines at Club Meetings
In 1936 one of our older members decided that in future, for every birthday he had celebrated he would place 1/- in the Sunshine Box instead of the usual £1.  This idea was followed by other older members, and this team of fellows gradually because known as ‘THE FIRST FIFTEEN.’  At the present time there are 26 members in the Team and their generosity is very greatly appreciated.
The Sunshine Committee each year investigates all requests for the granting of donations from the Club Committees and from outside organisations.  Its recommendations are placed before the directors, who authorise all payments from the Fund.  Special grants made from the Sunshine Fund have been mentioned when dealing with various Club activities.  There have also been some projects carried out by the Sunshine Committee itself.
In 1932 the Sunshine Committee took a very keen interest in the splendid work of Sister Esther amongst the poor and needy families of our City.  Through this fine social worker, we made available monthly supplies of food for about sixty deserving families.  Members of the Committee visited these poor families and in many other ways gave them much needed help.  This work was continued each year until the Government instituted its Social Security benefits.  The last food parcels were distributed in 1939.
The Sunshine Committee carried out a Blanket Drive in 1936 and members personally distributed 116 blankets to needy families on the recommendation of permanent social workers.
For many years Rotary has supported the devoted Christian service of the Rev. Harry Johnson in his Freeman’s Bay Undenominational Mission and as Chaplain to the Children’s Court.  In addition to paying part of the salary of a fully qualified Nursing Sister in his clinic for the poor, we provide Mr. Johnson with a free tramway pass each year.
In June 1937, a substantial donation was made from the Fund towards the cost of a ‘Talkie’ Outfit for the Leper Island on Makogai.