Our first speaker for 2020 will be Nick Sautner, the Chief Executive Officer, Eden Park Trust on Monday 10 February.  Nick joined the Eden Park team in 2016 with experience in the stadium, event and entertainment sectors. Nick has been responsible for the creation and oversight of high level marketing, brand and communications strategies along with negotiating commercial, naming and broadcast rights for some of the world’s preeminent stadia. Nick has also been instrumental in introducing key philanthropic initiatives with the Ak RSA, as well as engaging the local community through a public art exhibition celebrating the neighbourhood surrounding Eden Park.  Eden Park is both a country and community strategic asset, recognised as NZ’s national stadium and Ak’s playground, providing world-class facilities. Eden Park remains an under-utilised public facility.  If a hotel could only operate once a fortnight it would be incredibly challenging to deliver a business model that is commercially viable - the current reality at Eden Park.  We are committed to working with our neighbourhood and local business associations to maximise the benefits. Eden Park is not just supporters of rugby and cricket.  We are working to be a more sustainable venue and our initiatives include the implementation of the Morningside Urban Market Garden and waste management systems.