In 1918/1919 it is estimated that up to 50 million may died people died from a flu virus, with half a billion people having been infected – at a time when global communication and travel was far less than it is today:
  1. Which was the most lethal wave of the 1918 flue pandemic?
  1. Initial Wave
  2. Second Wave
  3. Third Wave
  1. Why was the 1918 flu epidemic so devastating?
  1. It was an extremely lethal strain of the flu virus
  2. People were more focused on WW1 than on the pandemic
  3. Overcrowding, poor nutrition and poor sanitation
  1. How many people were estimated to have died in the first six months of this pandemic?
  1. 15 million
  2. 20 million
  3. 25 million
  1. When was the gene sequence for the 1918 flu epidemic finally determined?
  1. 2005
  2. 2010
  3. 2015
  1. How did the immune systems of the monkeys infected with the virus react?
  1. No reaction
  2. Mild reaction
  3. Extreme reaction
  1. B – Second Wave (and the third wave was more deadly than the initial wave)
  2. C – overcrowding, poor nutrition and poor sanitation
  3. C – 25 million
  4. A – 2005 (recovered from a flu victim buried in the Alaskan permafrost and American soldiers)
  5. C – Extreme reaction (the immune systems of the monkeys who died had gone into overdrive (known as a cytokine storm), which may explain why so many healthy young adults died from this flu strain